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Meet Brianne

Hi, I'm Brianne our wellness and natural practitioner. I specialize in reflexology, relaxation massage, access bars therapy and raindrop technique. From a young age, I've always been fascinated with holistic healing. After finding my mentor and friend I started on my journey of better health and care. It has been my dream to open my own oasis but I couldn't do it alone. I partnered up with my sister and we set out to start our own personal businesses within our dream victorian home merging relaxation and creativity into one.

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Access Bars                    60min $55

The access bars are 32 different bars of energy that run through your head that correlate with different aspects of your life. The treatment consists of tuning into these point in your head to open, run, and balance these energy bars. During the treatment you will find yourself in a complete form of relaxation. The benefits of this treatment are; increase in energy, improves mental clarity, relief of pain, improves sleep, reduces headaches, etc.

Reflexology                      60min $55

With application to reflexes on your feet that map neurologically to other parts, glands, and organs of the body, reflexology can relieve tension, improve circulation, and aid in bodily function. Other benefits of reflexology are; ease in stress and anxiety, increase immunity, relieves pain, improve nerve function, eliminates toxins, improves digestive health speeds health recovery, etc.

Raindrop Technique    60min $70

This treatment consists of the use of 10 different essential oils to bring balance and harmony to the body. This treatment can help with killing bacteria from the body, cleanse the body from toxins and chemicals, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, improve immune system function, and relieves pain.

Relaxation Massage   30min $45

                                            60min $60

A treatment full of light touch relaxing massage techniques to aid in complete relaxation to relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce muscle spasms, help with anxiety, and chronic pain relief, reduce swelling, help lymph drainage, improves mobility, improves range of motion, releases endorphins, etc.

The Complete                 60min $75

This treatment consists of reflexology, raindrop technique, access bars, and relaxing massage techniques. The complete treatment will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. This is a great treatment to try out all of the treatments that we offer!

Scrubs and Wraps        70min $80

The treatment begins with a sugar scrub being applied to your skin to exfoliate and prep the area for the mask. Following with relaxing light touch massage to relax your body and mind. Finally the seaweed mixture is applied to remove dead skin cells, moisturize, balance oily skin, treat acne, blackheads, and reduce visibility of stretch marks. To end off the treatment you will go into our luxurious bathroom and wash the seaweed wrap off. 


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