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Dandelion Infused Hair and Body Oil

Dandelion Infused Hair and Body Oil


Our Dandelion oil has many benefits for your whole body! Use our Dandelion oil on your face, body, and hair. We collect all of the dandelions ourselves, and naturally make our dandelion oil out of dandelion flowers, apricot oil, rosehip oil, lavender essential oil, and orange essential oil. Our dandelion oil will be stocked until supplies last until the next dandelion season! 



  • Hair growth
  • Split end repair
  • Joint and muscle pain 
  • Cures cracked hands and feet
  • Evens skin tone
  • Minimizes dark spots
  • Treats acne and ance scares 



  • Shake well before use
  • Hair: Apply to dry ends and scalp. Leave in for 10 minutes or longer. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Body: Apply a small amount of oil to skin avoiding eyes. 
  • For topical use only
  • Keep out of reach of children 


Visit our Listowel shop and pickup your Dandelion Oil, or make an online order to get it delivered to your doorstep! 

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